Halftime Madden Challenge

  • 32 玩家 Single Elimination  
  • Madden NFL 17  
  • 2016年 November月 4日 10:25 PM PDT  
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Inside Halftime Bar In Oakland ,Ca

This will be the spot where you will see the live bracket and who you are up against!

Good Luck to all the Gamers out there

The Urban Gamer League


Throughout the Centuries there have been some epic battles where mere mortals tested their strength, their cunning and their wit to noteworthy adversaries. There was a time when some of these battles played out in the ancient Olympiads. Other times they took place on the diamond... Think NY Yankees vs the Brooklyn Dodgers.. Sometimes they took place on the courts, Bjorn Borg vs John McEnroe or the other court Lakers vs Celtics..

Sometimes they took place on the Octogan.. Think Bruce Lee vs Jim Kelly.. Memorable battles took place took place in the ring under colorful names like 'Thriller in Manilla' and 'Rumble in the Jungle'. Those aforementioned battles have earned their spots in history, but none have been more epic than the battles between those of us holding controllers and looking at the big screen playing Madden..

Coming soon folks who think they have skillz and understand that life is not complete unless you compete will have a chance to test their football knowledge and their video game prowess here in Oakland for the ultimate Madden Tournament..  We are looking for 64 strong men and women who are not afraid to go head to head and toe to toe to represent the Bay and represent the town.. Perhaps your a Raider.maybe you're 49er, Some of y'all reading this grew up and became Cowboys .. Whatever your team.. the question before you is 'Can You throw Down and Truly rep on the Controllers?'

This tournament is not for faint of heart. Its not for sucka ducks.. We are looking for folks who are dedicated to smoking their opponent.. Is that you? Are you willing to step up?  Are you destined to be immortalized? The Oakland Madden Tournament awaits you.. History awaits you..



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